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$267k into$1,269,450 at 4.85X ROAS in 3.5 months, leading to over $1M in profit post ad spend.

This Travel Company [NDA] was already spending a good chunk on Fb ads. They reached out to us to help them scale. We ramped up the creative testing and kept ROAS strong whilst scaling up the campaigns. This led to over $1M in profit post ad spend.

From $0 revenue from ads to $40k per month (almost $500k ARR) in the first 60 days.

Before we started working with Wild Woods, they had never advertised before. We helped them dial in their offers and created their video ads using our own creative process. In the first month, we helped them generate $40k in revenue. We are now at almost $150k generated and everyone is ecstatic

from £43,569.85 in ad spent and struggling to push through 1.65XROAS to 28X ROAS Within 90 days of working together

Ally the owner of Ezili Swim tried a bunch of agencies, but none could help her break that 2x ROAS barrier. She then joined our mentorship program looking to be less dependent on agencies and aiming to scale her ecommerce brand.

From 0.58X ROAS and $2,000 in monthly sales to 5.82X ROAS and $200k ARR within 30 days.

George Rings is a luxury jewelry brand specializing in high-end rings. The client reached out to us seeking help to achieve breakeven from their FB ad campaigns. However, within 30 days we created a strategy that allowed this business to hit 5.82X ROAS and adding more than $16k within the first month.

From $123k in ad spend with a 1.94X ROAS to $574k in ad spend and generating $1.4M at 2.47X across 6 months.

This Huge Ecom Brand [NDA] reached out to us to help them scale. They were spending $24k/pm on ads at a 1.94X ROAS. When we took over, we ramped up the creative testing and dialed in their offers. Within 6 months, we spent $574k and achieved $1.4M in revenue at 2.47X ROAS

From 2X ROAS from $6k in ad spend to to nearly 4X ROAS and $45k in sales within 3 months.

This Celebrity Entertainer [NDA] came to us to save more time and get more ticket sales for his events. In October 23’ (before he came onboard) he was getting 50 monthly purchases with a PCV of $12,500. In January 24’ we had 151 sales and a PCV of $45,430. This has all been within the space of 3 months.

Hi, I’m Ben

Over the last 15 years Ben built one of the biggest communities in the advertising space with over 700,000 people across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Ben started his journey in the world of advertising while helping out with his mom's interior design business. From there, he's picked up tons of insights on what it takes to create successfull campaigns that scale. 
Ben then started sharing his experience & knowledge on his YouTube channel for over 236,000 subscribers.

He also grew his agency HeathMedia to be one of the most sought after agencies in the UK helping e-Com stores, services based business, marketing agencies and global brands start and scale profitably with paid media.

As of today, HeathMedia has collectively generated over 9-figures in revenue for its clients.

Want Me to Mentor You Daily?

Ecom Brands, Agency Owners, Online Coaches, Service Businesses, and Media Buyers who want LESS headache, MORE revenue and FASTER success with paid media

I have a mentorship program where you can learn how to start & scale profitable campaigns for your specific type of business, niche, and industry.

You’ll get daily, direct support from me and my team, even if you’re a total beginner, already getting results but want more, or simply ready to scale aggressively

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