From £43,569.85 in ad spend and struggling to push through 1.65X ROAS to 28X ROAS Within 90 days

Ezili Swim is a premium swimwear brand frequently worn by celebrities and influencers. They offer swim and resort wear created from luxe and sustainable fabrics at an attainable price point.

Ally, Ezili Swim

Jack from Heath media is a game changer, and this agency in general are different – in a very good way. They went above and beyond to audit our accounts so there totally clued up before making suggestions on how to improve our ad performance. They are on hand daily to answer questions and over the space of 3 months have helped us achieve roas of over 10. Thank you Jack and thank you Heath Media.

Results & Stats

We helped Ezili Swim’s owner, Ally leverage celebrity endorsements to increase credibility among customers, reduce cart abandonment and go from 1,65X ROAS to achieving 28X ROAS within 90 days.




  • Ally had tried plenty of agencies before, but none of them were able to help her break past 2x ROAS.
  • She wanted to learn how to run ads for herself instead of relying on agencies that disappointed her in the past.
  • Cost per purchase was a hefty £41.14. Considering the break even cost per purchase was £38, it just wasn’t a sustainable
  • High Cart abandonment: 86% of those who added items to their cart didn’t end up making a purchase.


  • We leveraged celebrity endorsements, such as those from Molly Mae and Maya Jama, to increase credibility among customers.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment and increase AOV


  • Ally went from 1.65x ROAS to an impressive 10X-28x ROAS in just 90 days.

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“Over the space of 3 months have helped us achieve ROAS of over 10”

Ally, Ezili Swim