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Get access to our secret strategies from spending $50M in Meta ads and generating over $200M for thousands of clients in multiple industries.

  • Get Ben Heath’s world-class team to script, design, edit, launch, manage, optimize and scale all your campaigns without lifting a finger.
  • Get access to our predictable “Ad Profits Method” that consistently generates 4x ROAS for Ecom, Service Based, Coaching and Agency Businesses.
  • Facebook algorithms constantly changing? Get access to what’s working right now for your exact type of business, niche and industry (no cookie cutter. everything is tailored to your EXACT needs)

Generated Millions for Our Clients Across Multiple Industries

Turned £2,555.34 in ad spend into £100,573.84 selling an online course for a Coach

This client is a coach selling a course online. He came to us wanting to dial in his funnel and campaigns. We tested different creatives and ran ads directly to his online course sales page. It was a fully automated online course, which meant minus ad cost, this was mostly profit.

Turned £29,051.58 in ad spend into £375,233.53 for a and scaled them from £100k/year to £3M/year in revenue within just 12 months

This company was already running ads for their products. They came to use because they were looking to scale their campaigns but didn’t know the right way to do it. We quickly took over and over the course of 12 months we took them from £100k/year to £3M/year solely from ads.

From 5X ROAS to 14X ROAS, turning £80,290.17 in ad spend into £1,140,518.65 in revenue for a pet ecommerce store

This client runs an e-commerce store selling pet products. They were already doing decent numbers, achieving 5X ROAS. We helped them implement more ad creatives, retargeting campaigns and skyrocketed their ROAS to 14X within a few months of working together.

We turned £63,005.79 in ad spend into £2,052,172.94 in revenue for a Kitchen Appliance Store

Our client runs an online kitchen appliance store and sells different products. We revamped their ad strategy, focusing on eye-catching creatives and smart retargeting. By optimizing ad spend and targeting, we quickly improved their sales. This approach turned their investment of £63K into £2,052,172.94 in revenue.

Led by one of the most Trusted ad gurus in the industry: Ben Heath

Ben Heath, a marketing expert and content creator, founded Heath Media (formerly known as Lead Guru) and has been at the forefront of the digital advertising industry for the past 7 years.

Under his leadership, HeathMedia became one of the world’s leading specialist in Meta & Google ads, leveraging Ben's expertise and notoriety within the digital advertising world to offer cutting-edge strategies that generated over $200M in revenue for their clients.

Ben has built one of the largest communities in the advertising space and earned the trust of over 700,000 subscribers across his social media platforms, where he shares the latest insights and strategies on digital advertising.

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  • E-com Stores, Service-Based Businesses and Coaches who want MORE predictable and consistent sales or leads from FB ads.
  • E-com Stores, Service-Based Businesses, and Coaches who are not achieving their desired ROI and are looking to SCALE.
  • E-com Stores, Service-Based Businesses, and Coaches who’ve been burned by other agencies or inexperienced freelancers and are willing to trust our expertise and give us full control to do our best work

We Can't Help

  • Struggling new businesses that can’t trust our expertise and will micromanage us. We’re probably not the best fit for you.
  • Businesses that only care about a high ROAS and great soft metrics. We only work with companies that ACTUALLY want to scale their entire business and revenue
  • Businesses that advertise adult or shady products. We only help businesses who provide real value to their customers.

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We turned £253,764.05 in ad spend into £1,066,094.95 in revenue for a client selling Canva Templates

This client was previously running ads but their message wasn't cutting through the clutter. They needed a fresh approach to connect with their audience on a deeper level. We created ads that showcase the benefits of their templates while fine-tuning their message. We also increased their AOV and achieved a 4.2X ROAS

We turned $113,549.77 in ad spend into £1,036,096.12 in revenue for a Hotel and Resort Booking Company

We helped a hotel and resort booking company turn a $113,549.77 ad spend into an astounding £1,036,096.12 in revenue. We helped them craft amazing offers and messaging that truly resonated with their audience.

We turned £790.91 in ad spend into £47,287.84 in revenue for a Toy Ecommerce Store

This client runs a toy e-commerce business. They reached out to us Black Friday We helped them achieve 60X ROAS over the Friday-Monday of Black Friday weekend. Crazy results on a small level of spend!

We generated 15,797 leads for a SaaS company at £6.50 Per Lead

For a SAAS company, we managed to pull in 15,797 leads at just £6.50 per lead. We gave their lead-gen strategy a complete makeover, focusing on targeted ads and clever follow-up tactics. By zeroing in on the perfect audience and fine-tuning our methods, we scored a huge number of leads on a budget.

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