From 238k in revenue to generating $1.4M in revenue at 2.47X within 6 months.

This Huge Ecom Sports Brand [under NDA] sells a wide range of high-quality sports equipment and apparel, catering to enthusiasts and professional athletes alike

Results & Stats

This e-commerce brand [under NDA] initially faced challenges, achieving only a 1.94X ROAS with a monthly ad spend of $24k. By intensifying creative testing and refining their offers, we managed to scale their campaigns. This led to generating $1.4M in revenue from $574k in ad spend, reaching a 2.47X ROAS in just six months.




  • Despite significant ad spend, the ROAS was low at 1.94X. There were challenges in scaling and optimizing campaigns effectively.


  • Conducted thorough creative testing to enhance ad performance.
  • Refined offers and account structure for higher ROAS and successful campaign scaling.


  • $1.4M+ In revenue generated across 6 months.
  • 2.47x Return On Ad Spend

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“Over the space of 3 months have helped us achieve ROAS of over 10”

Ally, Ezili Swim