From $12,500 in revenue to $45k in revenue within 90 days.

We’ve teamed up with a high-profile celebrity entertainer [under NDA] who puts on amazing shows all over the country. We helped them sell out within 90 days.

Results & Stats

In just three months, we helped Celebrity Entertainer [NDA] boost their ROAS from 2X to nearly 4X, generating $45k in sales and tripling their monthly ticket sales from 50 to 151.




  • Low ROAS of 2X despite steady ad spend.
  • Limited time and resources to manage and optimize campaigns effectively.


  • Implemented targeted ad strategies to maximize ticket sales.
  • Optimized campaign structure and creative elements to improve ROAS and increase profitability.


  • $45K+ In Sales Generated.
  • 4x Return On Ad Spend

Want Us To Manage & Scale Your Campaigns?

“Over the space of 3 months have helped us achieve ROAS of over 10”

Ally, Ezili Swim