Zero Sales from Facebook Ads?! Here’s the Problem!

Sometimes you start Facebook ads and are really excited about the results your going to get. After all you see people all the time who do great with Facebook ads and you want to as well!

So you set up your ad with high expectations and zero sales! Ugh! What do you do in this situation?

Maybe you’ve tested a bunch of things and nothing’s working. Perhaps it’s zero sales or maybe it’s a couple of sales, but your just not getting ANY real results.

Zero sales from Facebook ads

Today I’m going to go over what is most likely the problem there and EXACTLY what you should do about it.

The Most Likely Reason Your Facebook Ad Isn’t Generating Sales

A lot of Facebook advertisers go through this. It’s not unusual especially when you are relatively new to Facebook advertising.

Assuming you haven’t made any massive errors in your ad set up and you have the basics of your campaign set up properly, it’s usually a combination of WHAT you are offering and the price point you’re offering it at.

There maybe isn’t a lot of demand for your product or service or offer, at the price point your offering it at.

A bad offer can kill a Facebook ad campaign

Generally speaking, changing your placements or your targeting isn’t going to rescue a campaign like this.

Pro Tip: A great offer is one of the keys to making lots of sales with Facebook ads.

I’ve seen ads with the best creatives and great targeting completely fall flat because the offer is overpriced or there isn’t enough demand for it.

The offer will often make up for a bad campaign, but a bad offer can’t usually be rescued by a good campaign.

As an aside, I want to stress here that when you have a campaign that is making sales you really want to make sure that you optimize the campaign to squeeze as much out of it as possible.

If you are selling something that you KNOW other people are selling, well then it might be your price point that’s the issue.

People can and do comparison shop online and if someone else is selling a product for $5, $10, or $20 less then they are likely to go buy from your competition.

This is especially true for drop shipping products where many people are selling the EXACT same item.

Solutions to Start Making Sales

This is where a little bit of creative thinking can make a HUGE difference. Sometimes switching to a different product or service is enough.

But sometimes you can package a product differently to increase the perceived value.

You might create a buy one get one free offer or a limited-time discount or throw in an extra something to make it more appealing.

Adding value to your offer can help

If you have a superior product that justifies charging more then you will need to find a way to differentiate your product to the competition.

It’s important to remember that you are advertising real stuff to real people and real people are going to make rational, logical decisions based on perceived quality and price.

I know this is frustrating to hear, but after helping hundreds of clients generate thousands and thousands of sales on Facebook, I can tell you that the offer is EVERYTHING.

Getting the offer right can fix Facebook ads

Important Note: I’ve seen people want to throw in the towel on advertising a product after just a few days. That’s not long enough for the Facebook algorithm to do its thing. You MUST test products for a couple of weeks before making a decision that it doesn’t work.

The higher price your product or service, the more you need to spend in testing to determine if something will work.

If you are stuck for ideas about how to create a GREAT offer, that is something that my agency is very good at. You can also see the blog post I wrote about 6 Successful Facebook Ads here.

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Video Tutorial on How to Turn Around Facebook Ads That Are Getting Zero Sales

In this video I go over why the offer is SO important to making sales from your Facebook ads.

The Bottom Line on Facebook Ads That Don’t Generate Sales

If you have Facebook Ads that don’t generate sales, it’s most likely your offer that’s the problem.

Offers make all the difference between winning and losing Facebook ads.