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Avoid the Facebook Ads Learning Phase with this New Update!

If you’ve done any advertising on Facebook at all then you probably know that the learning phase is something that most people who advertise on Meta try to avoid.

That’s because while you are in the learning phase your ad results are not going to be as good as they could be.  There is a ton of mythology about how to avoid the learning phase, including a lot of people who say that you should be scaling your campaign by 10% or 20% a day.

Honestly, in my experience most of this is just guesswork. And it doesn’t reflect the experience that I’ve had at my agency at all.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that Facebook has a new feature that TELLS you how much you can increase your ad spend by without going into the learning phase.

This is really game changing, because when Meta gives you data that you used to have to guess, you can make better decisions about your ad campaigns.

Meta’s New Learning Phase Feature

Meta's new learning phase feature

New Rollout

Before I go into why this learning phase feature is so amazing, I do need to let you know that this is a new roll out in Meta. That means that it is in some accounts and not in others. It also means that within the same account you will see it on some campaigns and not others.

If you don’t see it yet, don’t worry. It is likely to be coming to your account soon.

Know Exactly How Much You Can Scale

One of the things that I like the best about this data is that Facebook is telling you EXACTLY how much you can raise your ad spend and avoid the learning phase. That means that it’s quicker to scale a campaign. 

Quicker to scale

There’s not as much guesswork involved and the amount that you can increase budget by is usually FAR higher than the 10% or 20% that most gurus recommend.

This is GREAT news. As you can see in the below example Meta saying that you can go from $195 a day ad spend to a $349.05 sense a day ad spend WITHOUT triggering the learning phase. 

You can often scale more

This is a 79% increase! You can see how this would allow you to scale your campaigns faster and easier. 

What I See In My Agency

Now… this is something that I’ve talked about for years. This is what we’ve actually seen in the ad accounts that we run for our clients. We see that we can make much bigger ad spend jumps than what is usually recommended.

Here’s what we normally see. You can increase in much larger increments, but not as often. This is especially true at lower budget levels.

Once you get to spending several thousand dollars a day then this is no longer true. 

This makes a lot of sense because Meta is really good at working out who is your best possible prospect within your target audience. But as you spend more, then you go to a bigger audience and the prospects may not be quite as hot, so you can’t scale at such large percentages with bigger numbers.  

The other thing that this means is that as you spend more you are likely to get higher cost per acquisition even if you don’t end up in the learning phase.

This is really normal, but it’s often worth it to pay a slightly higher cost per acquisition to get more customers. Make sure you do the math for your own business to see if paying slightly more per lead or sale makes sense for you.

Scaling will increase cost per conversion

Another Awesome Free Facebook Training Resource

There is nothing I like better than to see business owners increase their ROI with Facebook Ads. In order to help business owners succeed with Facebook ads I’ve created a FREE webinar training that you can register for here.

Free Facebook ads training

When you attend this webinar you’ll learn:

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Quick Tips

A couple of quick tips. If you are scaling manually, then it’s a good idea to scale within the increments that Meta is telling you. For instance, if you are at $195 and Facebook is telling you that you can scale to $349 you don’t want to jump up to $400 as it will likely push you back into the learning phase. 

It’s best to avoid the learning phase if you can. If you do get back into the learning phase give the campaign a full 48 hours to reoptimize and start evaluating on day 3. 

Sometimes you can’t avoid the learning phase. If you sell very high end products or services it may not be possible to get enough sales to avoid the learning phase. Don’t worry, you can actually get campaigns performing well in the learning phase and in learning limited. 

Once you make the increase in the budget you typically want to leave it where it is for about 7 days before making another increase. 

Overall, this new Facebook feature is a huge benefit to advertisers and can help you to scale much more efficiently.

With that being said we’ve actually found another way to scale in a super simple and easy way. You can find out how to do that here. It’s completely automated and takes nearly all of the stress out of scaling. We’re using this method more and more in my agency and it is worth checking out.