How To Make Yourself Industry Famous With Facebook

The key people of influence in any industry are:

  1. Oversubscribed,
  2. Able to charge the highest prices
  3. Get approached with the best business opportunities.

And in this video I show you how to make yourself industry famous with Facebook and become a key person of influence in your niche.

Ok so when I say make yourself industry famous, I really do mean industry famous.

I’m not talking about being recognised as you’re walking down the street.

That’s just not realistic.

What you want to do is establish yourself as a key person of influence in your niche.

And the best way to do that is with Facebook video ads.

Now I’ve used the word ads, because you will have to pay to promote these videos.

Not a lot, but you will have to pay at least a bit.

Video Content

These videos should not be like traditional adverts.

You should create videos that are entertaining, educational and informative.

Now for every industry it’s a little different…

For example, as a digital marketer it makes complete sense for me to teach people how to generate leads and sales online.

And an educational video, just like this one, will work for a lot of industries, particularly service based ones.

For other industries it might make more sense to record yourself experiencing something, if you’re offering experiences.

Or if you own a product based company then you could record yourself using the product.

The specifics aren’t that important, but you need to make sure the videos you produce are interesting and more importantly valuable to your target market.

And these videos don’t have to be sophisticated works of art. They should be professional, but your smartphone is all the technology you need.

So once you’ve recorded a video, or ideally a series of videos, you need to promote it.

Promote Your Videos

And promoting it is really simple.

All you need to do is upload your video to your business’ Facebook page, give it a short description, and then hit the boost button next to it.

Once you hit the boost button you’ll be asked to select a budget and a target audience.

You want to start with a small budget for each video, let’s say £3-5/per day.

And if a video performs particularly well, then you can put more budget behind it.

And for most of you, finding the right audience shouldn’t be too difficult either.

You probably already know a lot about your ideal customers, and that will really help when you select your targeting options.

If you want to read a more detailed article on Facebook ad targeting then click here: https://heathmedia.co.uk/target-ideal-prospects-facebook/

But I will say that when you’re selecting targeting options, make sure you don’t narrow down your audience too much.

I would recommend an audience size of 1-2 million people.

Because that large audience size really puts the heavy lifting onto Facebook’s shoulders.

Facebook’s algorithms are incredibly intelligent, and if you can point them in the right direction with your targeting, they will work out who responds best to your videos.

Why Videos?

So you’re probably thinking why promote videos instead of other things like blog posts, images or even direct calls to action.

And there’s 3 reasons why videos work so well:

  1. It’s the quickest and most effective way for you to provide real value to your target market upfront.
  2. It’s highly cost effective. We’re generating videos views for less than half a penny each in a number of industries.
  3. Provided your videos are somewhat professional, you’ll make yourself look like an industry expert.

And point 3 is true, because for decades we’ve seen people explaining and demonstrating things on TV and online, and they’re nearly always authorities in their industry.

And when people see your videos on Facebook, provided they’re professional, they will assume you are an authority in your industry.

5 Steps To Creating A Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign

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Profitable Facebook advertising campaign

Ben Heath – Founder & CEO, Lead Guru