How To Build An Email List With Facebook


– Hi guys, this is Ben Heath from Lead Guru and in this video I’m going to tell you about how you can build an email list with Facebook.

So, if you ask any digital marketer they’ll tell you that an email list is such a valuable thing.

It’s a really valuable digital asset that if you’re a marketer or a small business owner, entrepreneur, it’s well worth investing some time and money to build that email list because you’re able to market to those people for months and even years to come and it’s really gonna pay dividends in the long term.

Now, in my opinion and in a lot of people’s opinion because this is very much the main way nowadays how people are building email lists, is they’re doing it with Facebook.

Facebook has really cheap attention, it’s fantastic advertising platform you can really zero in on your target market and it’s a great way to build an email list.

And the strategy I’m just about to tell you guys by the way, we use all the time, it’s how we build our email lists, we build our email lists exclusively through Facebook. And we add 2,000 plus email subscribers a month to our email list using this exact strategy. S

o, it can be very, very effective and we don’t spend a huge amount of money in order to do that. So, to use this strategy to build an email list with Facebook, the first thing you’ll need is a lead magnet.

So I’m gonna put that up here.

You’re going to need a lead magnet and I’ll explain that in a second.

So a lead magnet is something small, something very valuable that helps solve one of your target market’s problems or helps them achieve something that they want to achieve.

So it could be a report or a guide.

It could be a short video training, could be a webinar, could be some sort of template, something like that.

It’s basically, you need to think about, to create one of these you need to think about your target market and think, right, what do they really want to achieve?

What do they really want to avoid? What do my greater products and services help them with?

Does it save them time?

Does it help them get something quicker?

Does it get much better results for them?

What is it that your products or service do?

And then look to create a lead magnet around that.

Now, I said it should be something fairly small, something fairly specific, so try and focus in on one specific problem or one specific thing that they’re looking to achieve and then offer that for free in exchange for them giving you their email address and maybe their first name as well.

So, that’s how you get it. It’s basically an ethical bribe.

You’re giving this free great thing, this lead magnet away in exchange for someone to join your email list.

Now, the thing about these lead magnets is, even though they’re free, don’t think about it as something free.

Think about it as though, as if some people were going to pay for it because you need to produce something great.

You need to produce something that your target market really want, it’s got nice design, that’s had some real thought and effort put into it.

Now think about it, if you get a great lead magnet, you can generate 10,000, 100,000 email subscribers with that one lead magnet.

So it really is worth you putting in the time to make sure that your lead magnet is something that people care about.

Okay, so once you’ve got your lead magnet, the next step you’ll need is a landing page. So I’m gonna put that up there as well.

So the landing page is where people opt-in for your lead magnet. So for example, let’s say you’re advertising your lead magnet on Facebook, you put a link in the ad itself or the ad links to a certain page, now the page that you want that ad to link to is a specific landing page.

You don’t just want to send them to your website and they have to hunt down where this lead magnet is. You want to send them to a specific landing page.

You may have seen what these landing pages look like.

It would be something where it’s purely dedicated to getting that person to give you their email address, give you their first name, in exchange for the lead magnet.

So, if you guys have got a WordPress website, I can really recommend OptimizePress as a fantastic piece of software that you can use to create landing pages really quickly, create really great looking landing pages.

I’ll include a link to OptimizePress in the video description above.

Another one is Leadpages, that’s another great option for creating landing pages that we’ve used before.

And then of course once you’ve got your lead magnet you’re sending people to a landing page and that’s how they get access to your lead magnet.

Then you need to create the Facebook campaign itself to advertise the lead magnet.

So, I’ve produced lots of videos about creating great Facebook ads so just check out my Facebook channel or my YouTube channel and they’ll be on there.

Things about writing effective ad copy, creating video ads, things like that.

But yeah, the Facebook ad is what advertises the lead magnet, in order to get the lead magnet people go to your landing page, they give you their email address and that’s how they become an email subscriber and then of course you can market to them for months and even years to come.

And one of the fantastic things about this strategy is let’s say for example, we produced a lead magnet about Facebook advertising, we know that the people who join our email list for that particular lead magnet, they’re interested in Facebook advertising.

So we know that when we email them going forward and when we market to them, we can send them emails about our Facebook advertising campaign creation services and all that sort of stuff because we know we’re speaking to an interested audience.

Okay, so that’s really important.

If you want to see this in action by the way guys, all you need to do is click on here to download our 5-Part Facebook Ad Template.

It’s one of the lead magnets we’ve used it’s done very, very well for us. It’s a 5-Part Facebook Ad Template.

It shows some of the best performing Facebook ads we’ve ever created that you can obviously download that template, you can model from them and use them in your own campaigns to try and help improve their performance.

As I said you can download it right now for free, and you can see exactly how this works.

So click on the link, in the video description that will take you through to a landing page that was built using OptimizePress.

You can opt-in for that, of course, if you don’t want to be on our email list, you can then just go and unsubscribe straight away, but you’ll at least see how this works, opt-in there, you’ll get that lead magnet and you’ll see how this is working really well for us.

So, if you enjoyed this video, please like, comment and share, I would really appreciate that and I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

5 Part Facebook Ad Template