Facebook Messenger Ads: Image Ads vs Video Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads: Image Ads vs Video Ads

In this video I let you guys know about the results that we’ve seen from a really interesting experiment we’ve been running recently with Facebook Messenger ads.

If you haven’t seen the video I created recently that explains what Facebook Messenger ads are and how powerful they are, then definitely stop watching this one and watch that one first.

Here’s the link to that previous video: The Power Of Facebook Messenger Ads

I’d recommend you watch that video first, then come back to this.

Because once you understand how Facebook Messenger ads work, why they’re so exciting and why they are an absolute game changer, this video is going to make a lot more sense.

The experiment that we were running with Facebook Messenger ads is: What performs best, image ads or video ads?

Because in different areas of Facebook advertising, different mediums perform best. So that’s the experiment we’re running.

The campaign that we were running to do this experiment was a lead magnet campaign.

Lead Magnet Campaign

And the lead magnet we were offering is our 5-Part Facebook Ad Template.

This Facebook ad template is a lead magnet, it’s a free giveaway that’s a PDF document that’s got some of the best performing ads we’ve ever created in a number of different industries.

People can download it, they can use those ads and model from them and for the vast majority of people advertising on Facebook, it will significantly improve their results.

We give that away for free, in exchange for contact information.

In this case we’re giving it away in exchange for joining our Facebook Messenger subscriber list.

Previously we’ve used it to acquire email subscribers.

You’ve probably seen how this process works. You can see it in action on this page: 5-Part Facebook Ad Template.

In order to get the lead magnet, they need to give us their first name and email address. Once they do, they will will be run through our sales funnel.

To perform the experiment we created an image ad and we created a video ad.

Now, this is a lead magnet that we’ve been using as part of our sales funnel for many months, but as I said previously, we’ve been doing it through email.

When we offered this through and email funnel, we ran the same experiment.

We tested image ads vs video ads and we found that we acquired email subscribers for a much lower cost with the image ad.

When we ran the test with Messenger, that’s what I was expecting to see.

I was expecting to see the image ad produce a lower cost per Messenger subscriber.

But we actually found the exact opposite.

And it wasn’t even close.

Email vs Facebook Messenger

With Messenger we found that video ads were definitely the winner.

Video ads generated Messenger subscribers for about 20% of what it cost with the image ad.

This really surprised me at the time, but I think I now understand why.

I think it’s because of how new Facebook Messenger ads are.

I think it’s because people don’t really understand them very well yet.

Most people don’t know the steps that they need to take to actually get the lead magnet.

With an image ad, they’re not going to scroll through it and read every single line of text work out exactly what they need to do.

If it’s complicated and if they don’t really understand it, they’re just going to move on.

Whereas with the video ad it’s very easy for me to explain the exact steps they need to take with Facebook Messenger in order to get the Facebook ad template.

Whereas with email, people already know how this works.

They already know that when they click on the ad, they will be sent to a landing page, where they need to give their first name and email address in exchange for the lead magnet.

Whereas with Messenger ads they don’t know all of that yet.

If you’re looking to experiment with Facebook Messenger ads, which you absolutely should be by the way – they’re an absolute game changer.

When you watch this video here:The Power Of Facebook Messenger Ads you’ll realize that.

Then go ahead and create video ads at this stage. I think Facebook Messenger ads are just too unknown for image ads to produce great results.

But at some point I do think this is highly likely to change.

It might be in a year or two years or maybe longer, it’s hard to say exactly, but once people have become familiar with the Facebook Messenger ad process, once they’ve done it three or four times then they won’t be confused by the image ad.

They will just know exactly how to do it.

When that happens, I think the image ad will work best again, because the image ad makes it really clear and obvious what they’re getting.

Keep your eye out for that – definitely use videos for now. But at some point, when people are much more familiar this is, it’s going to change.

Hopefully you guys found this video useful. If you could hit the like button and let me know what you think below, I would really appreciate that.

And I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.

Ben Heath

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