5 Compelling Reasons To Use Facebook Video Ads

So you’re thinking about using Facebook video ads?

Or you’ve started and you want to know why it’s something you should stick at?

Well I love Facebook video ads.

They’ve completely changed our business. One has generated over 7,000 email subscribers and counting!

And I’ve come up with 5 very compelling reasons why you should place a high priority on Facebook video ads.

Let’s get started with #1…

1) Show the world that you’re the expert

It turns out that if you tell the world you’re an expert in something, they either won’t believe you, or they won’t care.

You need to show your target market that you’re an expert and an authority in your industry.

Using Facebook video ads is an incredibly effective way to do that.

Through short educational video content you can help your target market achieve something they want to achieve or (more importantly) avoid something they really want to avoid.

And by doing so, not only are you providing a lot of value upfront…

…which you can absolutely cash in on later…

But you’re also showing them you have the expertise to help them get their desired end result.

Facebook video ads expert

And why is being seen as an industry expert so important?

Because every aspect of your business will improve if you are. You’ll:

  • Automatically generate more leads and sales
  • Find it much easier to convert prospects into customers
  • Be able to raise your prices and still convert
  • Attract better partnership opportunities
  • Attract better media opportunities
  • Recruit better candidates

The list goes on and on.

2) Provide value upfront

No one wants to be advertised to.

And with recorded TV, the world is becoming less and less tolerant of any form of advertising.

So the least offensive way to advertise, is to make your advertising as helpful as possible. And don’t ask for something right away.

Of course there are always going to be people that get annoyed with anything that says sponsored next to it.

I’m still surprised how many awful comments just about everything online attracts.

But by providing value upfront you don’t get the majority of your prospects’ guards up before you’ve even begun.

Facebook ads guard

By providing value upfront you’re tapping into the reciprocal nature of human beings.

Of course we’ve all heard:

If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours…

Facebook video ads are no way near as transactional as that.

Your prospects are not in your debt because they saw a 3 minute video of yours that showed them how to do something they were struggling with.

But if you and your company give first (through video content) the people that you have given to (your target market) are more likely to take a specific action when you ask them to.

Whether that’s buy, book a free consultation or sign up for a lead magnet.

Providing value through Facebook video ads is simple. Be educational or be entertaining.

Entertaining advertising is notoriously difficult to get right.

It can often miss the mark completely, or hit but not have anything to do with the company’s products or services.

How many terrible TV ads have you seen? And the majority were made by large professional agencies.

So for the vast majority of us, that leaves educational content.

3) Educate your target market

A lot of businesses provide products and services that their target market don’t necessarily understand, or need to understand better before they are ready to buy.

If that describes your business, then Facebook video ads is one of the best ways to educate your target market.

Perhaps you need to explain what the problem is? Or what your solution is?

One of the best ways to educate your target market is with a product demonstration.

When you educate your prospects, you can often give them a small win.

And that can be really key, particularly if you offer high value products and services.

Take the 30-Day Facebook Advertising Launch Plan as an example.

This launch plan is an online training course that shows people how to create a series of Facebook advertising campaigns that will take people from cold prospects to repeat buyers.

This launch plan is very valuable to anyone looking to promote their business on Facebook…

But nearly everyone that buys it, has already at least dabbled in Facebook advertising beforehand.

They have to believe that Facebook advertising is a viable marketing channel for their business, otherwise they won’t buy it.

Through our educational videos we’re able to show them that it is viable. And by doing so we move our prospects one step closer to buying from us.

4) Build large retargeting lists quickly and inexpensively

Anyone with extensive Facebook advertising experience will tell you that the most profitable campaigns you can run on Facebook are…

Retargeting campaigns.

But to create a retargeting campaign, you need to have people to retarget.

You need to be able to identify people on Facebook that already know about you or your business.

But what if you’re brand new?

Or you’ve generated the majority of your business from your network and you haven’t put yourself out there yet?

And you don’t have many Facebook followers, website visitors or an email list.

In that case, you need to build a retargeting audience. And by far the quickest and least expensive way to do that is through video ads on Facebook.

We’re consistently generating video views in a number of different industries for just a penny each (and sometimes less than that).

And anyone who has watched a video of yours on Facebook can be added to a retargeting list.

Which means you can add 10,000 people to a retargeting list for just £100!

Man Shocked At Cheap FB Ads

Building a retargeting list with video ads on Facebook is much less expensive than the alternatives.

But I wouldn’t hang around. More and more people are becoming aware of Facebook video ads everyday and as the demand increases, so will the cost.

5) Sow seeds for the future

Digital marketing is becoming more and more about building personal brands every year.

People want to feel connected to a real life human being, not a corporate brand.

If you’re an owner led business (like most are) then getting the owner in front of the camera is a great idea.

I’ve talked to a lot of small business owners, who understandably, don’t like the idea of it.

I appreciate this can be difficult, particularly if you’re shy.

And you are going to get negative comments no matter how great your content is (less on Facebook than other platforms).

But if you can muster the courage you’ll be really glad you did 3, 5, 10 years down the line.

No business should be over-reliant on a single advertising platform (including Facebook). Who knows what is going to happen in the years to come and the only way to truly protect yourself against a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape…

Is by building a community.

Facebook Ads Community Image

Because if Facebook or Instagram or whatever go away, your community will follow you, where-ever you go.

By consistently producing and promoting educational video content on Facebook, you can provide your target market with so much value over the coming months and years that they become loyal to you and your brand.


You should be using Facebook video ads because:

  1. It’s one of the most effective ways to show your target market that you’re an industry expert
  2. You can provide value upfront, which will pay dividends in the long run
  3. It’s a fantastic way to educate your target market
  4. You’re able to build large retargeting audiences very quickly and without breaking the bank
  5. You’ll build an all important online community that you can rely on for years to come

So are you convinced? Let me know how you’ll be using Facebook video ads in the comments section below.