Email List or Facebook Messenger List?


Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath here, from Lead Guru, and if you’re watching any of my recent videos you’ll know that I’m really excited about Facebook messenger ads right now.

Something we’re doing a huge amount of experiments with, really really excited about, if you don’t know what they are, I’ve created a video that explains what they are, how they work, why they’re such a game changer, and I’ll make sure that a link to that video is included in the description of this video.

So you can click on that, go and check that out, if you don’t really understand what they are, how they work, then come back to this video, and I’ll answer this question.

So one of the things that I’ve been asked quite a bit recently, with people on our email list directly, and some of our customers is, what should I be building?

Should I be building my email list, or my Facebook messenger list?

What’s better, what’s producing better results?

Because, you know, for well over a decade, people have been told, build your email list, build your email list, it’s fantastic long-term, the money is in the list, it’s great for your business, etc. etc.

Then this Facebook messenger list comes along and it’s all a bit confusing.

So we’ve been running some experiments to try and work out what delivers the better ROY, per subscriber, what’s worth you building, what’s worth investing in, not just for the long-term, but also for the short-term in terms of generating revenue for your business.

That’s why we want people on these lists in the first place, is eventually to generate revenue for our business.

So in the early experiments, what we’ve found, is that it’s still cheaper to get people onto an email list. So to get an email subscriber is still less expensive.

So I’m gonna pop that up there. So email equals less expensive, okay.

And just in case you’re not aware, I explain sort of how the process of getting an email subscriber to work, I’m not talking about buying email subscribers here.

So when I say less expensive I’m not talking about, you know, you going to someone who sells email addresses and just buy them.

It’s not effective, to be honest I think it’s just a bit creepy, so I wouldn’t recommend you do that.

What I’m talking about here is running a lead magnet campaign.

So you’ve probably seen this sort of thing, where one of our lead magnets is a Facebook ad template.

So the way it works is, we advertise the ad template, someone clicks on the ad, they go through to our website, they’re asked to give their first name and their email address in exchange for the ad template, they give us that, they’re on to our email list, they can then be advertised to in the future, and they get the ad template in exchange for that.

So that’s what I’m talking about when I’m running these sorts of campaigns. We’re using a very similar process, by the way, to build our Facebook messenger list.

So if you haven’t watched that video that I mentioned a minute ago, then that’s kind of how it works, that video explains all that by the way, but that’s kind of the test that we’re running.

So with email it’s still less expensive.

But probably, at the moment, I mean the results are changing all the time, because this is such new technology, the more expanded audiences, etc. etc.

So these numbers aren’t set in stone yet at all, but we’re getting email subscribers for about 75% of what it costs us to get a Facebook messenger subscriber at the moment.

But, and this is a huge but, Facebook messenger subscribers are much, much more valuable.

So I’m gonna put messenger equals more valuable.

Okay, so let’s, why are they more valuable?

Well, if you’ve done any email marketing recently, you’ll know that open rates and click through rates are pretty low.

I think it’s the average adult gets something like 150 emails a day, something insane, and I’m sure you’re on tonnes of email lists just like I am, from where you bought something on an online store, or you know you signed up for a lead magnet, and someone’s not really providing value and they’re just emailing you over and over and over again.

It’s really annoying and you just hit the delete button, delete, delete, delete, delete, until you eventually unsubscribe.

Now people have become jaded with email.

They’re used to it.

So if you’re getting, let’s say a 20% open rate, and a two percent click through rate on your emails, you’re doing very very well.

Facebook messenger is brand new.

People aren’t jaded with it yet, and so the open rates and click through rates are so much higher.

So we’re seeing around about an 85-90% open rate on Facebook messenger broadcasts, and we’re seeing around about a 40-45% click-through rate on messenger broadcasts.

So, you know, that’s 20 times what we get with email.

So if someone’s, let’s say we’re sending out it could be free content, or even could be a promotion of a particular product or service, if 20 times as many people are clicking, even if these audiences are the same sizes, if 20 times as many people are clicking on what we want them to click on, with Facebook messenger, there’re gonna be roughly 20 times as valuable.

So you really need to keep that in mind.

That’s a huge difference.

So even if that’s costing, let’s say, 25-30% more to get a messenger subscriber, if they’re 20 times more valuable, then we are definitely gonna put our focus on building a Facebook messenger subscriber list, much more than our email list.

But one thing I will quickly say before I end the video, is this is likely to change.

You know, Facebook messenger advertising and broadcasts is very new.

People are not receiving 150 Facebook messenger broadcasts a day.

No where near.

If they were, you’d probably have the similar results to email.

And I’m pretty sure that Facebook are not gonna let it get there, because, you know one of the best things about Facebook messenger broadcasts is that it dings their phone, it notifies them.

But that can be a real issue, because if you’re getting 150 of those a day, that’s incredibly annoying, and you may even stop using the platform altogether.

So Facebook are going to bring in measures to control this, for sure, and over time people are going to be come, it’s going to be less novel.

They’re going to become more and more jaded with it.

In the early days of email marketing, they saw those sorts of open rates.

You saw 90 percent open rates, 45 percent click-through rates, that’s what we’ve got with messenger right now.

So the golden years with messenger is probably the next couple of years, and businesses will be changed, millionaires will be made, 100 percent, with Facebook messenger advertising, but that probably is going to change over time.

So what we’re focusing on, what I recommend you focus on, no matter what business you have, no matter what industry you’re in, focus on growing your messenger subscriber list right now.

It’s brand new, it’s very effective, it’s very exciting, but obviously keep your eye on this base, keep watching these videos, because a year, maybe two years down the line, this is going to change.

Okay, so if you found this video useful, please like, comment and share, the share is really, really appreciated, and I will talk to you soon.

Thanks a lot guys, bye-bye.