1 Simple Tip To Double Email Marketing Sales

1 Simple Tip To Double Email Marketing Sales

In this post I’m going to show you a very simple trick to double email marketing sales.

So what is this simple trick to double or more your sales with email marketing?

It’s very simple, but it makes an enormous difference it’s simply to use a timer in your emails.

I send hundreds of thousands of emails every single month.

I’ve run a bunch of different experiments and I have found that adding some urgency and some scarcity makes a huge difference to your email marketing campaigns. And the reason for that is pretty straightforward.

The average adult receives around 150 emails per day.

So to fight through that noise and to get people to actually take action based is really difficult to do.

Even if someone’s interested in the products or services that you’re offering.

If they don’t need to buy it right now or buy it by the end of tomorrow or whenever the deadline is, they’re not going to take action.

You need to make people stop what they’re doing right now and take action.

You do that with scarcity and the timer is the best way to visually represent that.

As soon as your customers open the email, they can see the timer counting down.

Landing page congruency

It’s important not only to have a timer in your emails, but you also need to have a timer on your landing page as well.

Let’s say you’re offering a 50% discount on a product for 2 or 3 days.

When your prospects click on the links in your email and go through to your landing page, you need to have the same timer on that landing page.

You’ll generate many more sales as a result and show people that you aren’t just using an email marketing trick to get people to click.

If the timer is also on the landing page, the offer will appear much more genuine.

How do I add a timer to my emails?

You might be thinking, how do I put a timer into an email campaign?

Well, there’s a very simple website called MotionMail: http://motionmailapp.com/

You can quickly and easily use it to create a timer and MotionMail will provide a bit of HTML code.

That HTML code cna then be inserted in your email campaign (all the major email service providers provide this functionality)

It literally takes a couple of minutes to do and MotionMail is completely free.

That’s what I use and that’s what I recommend you use as well.

Use genuine scarcity

And the last thing I’ll finally mention is that when you’re offering the scarcity, make sure that it’s genuine scarcity. Make suer that it’s not fake and made up.

Obviously you don’t want to lie to your email subscribers.

But you also don’t want to jeopardise your future offers.

Not everyone is going to open emails whilst a particular offer is live.

Some will click on the link and come through to the landing page after the sale has ended.

If they then see that product or service is still available or if the discount is still available, that’s really going to hurt you in the future because the next time you run this sort of sale or this sort of timely offer, they won’t believe you.

Remember, that’s why the timer is there.

The challenge with email marketing is to get people to take action based right now and anything that reduces your credibility is going to have a negative impact going forward.

Just make sure that when you are say something is going to go away at midnight on Friday, it actually does go away at midnight on Friday.

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