How To 10x The Customers Your Website Generates Without Any Extra Traffic

Looking to 10x the number of customers your website generates?

And without needing any extra traffic?

Who isn’t!!

We’d all love to improve our conversion rate and it’s one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to generating business online.

Whether you’re buying traffic directly or producing content to generate traffic organically – it all costs money.

So any chance you get to generate more revenue without having to spend anything on extra traffic is well worth taking.

And it will make a big difference to the ROI you’re generating and your bottom line.

So how can you massively improve your conversion rate and convince a much higher percentage of your prospects to become customers?

By making it as easy as possible with a…


A tripwire is a small yet valuable offer that reduces the barrier to entry and makes it very easy for prospects to become customers.

We’ve said it before…

But if you think of your prospects relationship with your company as a real life personal relationship, it’s a lot easier to understand.

With a personal relationship you would never ask someone to move in with you on the first date.

You would start by going for coffee or to a restaurant.

You would start by asking for a small commitment and then go from there.

That’s exactly what a tripwire is.

It’s asking someone to go for coffee.

Coffee Date

When your prospects land on your website but don’t convert…

It doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your products or services…

And it even doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in buying them from you.

It can often simply be that they aren’t ready to buy it from you yet.

They don’t know who you are or what your company is about.

They don’t know if you’re any good or even if you know what you’re doing.

Question mark image

A tripwire is a perfect way for your prospects to test you out and find out about all those unknowns, with very limited downside.

Low barrier to entry 

A tripwire is usually a very low cost product or service (it can also be a small commitment of time).

And when I say low cost I mean it.

You never want to charge more than £50 for a tripwire and ideally you would charge less than £20.

Why? Because you want to make it as easy as possible for your prospects to take that step and become a customer of yours.

Your tripwire should be an impulse purchase. Your prospects shouldn’t have to think about it.

Lowering the barrier to entry makes an enormous difference.

We’re all naturally inclined to take the path of least resistance. And when you understand that about your prospects, it becomes a lot easier to market to them.

Tripwire examples

Different businesses obviously need to use different types of tripwire.

For example, it’s almost impossible for a service business to offer a very inexpensive product and they shouldn’t.

Here’s a short list of tripwire types that we’ve had success with or we’ve seen companies use effectively:

  • Free consultation – perfect for many service businesses (particularly those with a high average customer value)
  • Small service – Example: Social media marketing agency offering to create Facebook business pages for £20
  • Paid webinar – Example: How to attract the top talent and retain them longer (HR company)
  • Book – when using a book as a tripwire, it’s best to offer it for free and just ask your prospects to cover the postage cost
  • Free/Paid trial – Example: Free 7 day trial gym membership
  • Low value product – Example: Cycling e-commerce company offering tyre inner tubes for free plus postage

Hopefully there’s something included in that list that you can apply to your own business.

I have talked to a lot of small business owners and marketers that have said they don’t think a tripwire will work for their business.

I’m sure there are examples out there, but I have not yet worked with a business where a tripwire was a bad idea.

After the tripwire

Offering a tripwire is not going to make you rich.

rich man in car

In fact if you’re offering a small product for free plus shipping, it might even cost you money.

BUT many many times more website visitors are going to purchase/commit to a tripwire as opposed to your core products and services.

And you then have a perfect opportunity to sell your core products and services to these people.

Provided your tripwire is valuable and their first experience with your company is a positive one…

These tripwire purchasers will be much more likely to buy from you again.

And you have also acquired a lot of very valuable contact information from your tripwire buyers (emails address, phone number, physical address). Which will make it a lot easier to advertise your core products and services and make sure these people are well aware of them.

Be willing to experiment

Creating a winning tripwire offer is not always easy and you’ll rarely get it right the first time.

You need to be willing to experiment and create new offerings.

It can be very frustrating at the beginning if it doesn’t work out, but I would strongly recommend that you stick at it and try again.

An irresistible tripwire will do wonderful things for your business.

What tripwire are you going to use for your business? Let us know in the comments section below.