Long Term Approach To Facebook Advertising


Hi, guys. It’s Ben Heath here from Lead Guru, and in this video, I’m gonna talk about how I approach Facebook advertising, because from what I’ve seen, I approach advertising on Facebook very differently to most people that I see on online, most people that I talk to.

And that’s ’cause I take a longer term approach.

Of course, when I run campaigns for our business, I’m very much interested in the short term return.

That is absolutely an essential piece.

But it’s not the only thing that I look at.

I’m also thinking about the longer term.

So that’s the reason why I’m producing these sorts of videos.

I’m producing these sorts of videos because I know that over the long run when people have watched not just one video, that one video won’t be profitable, when they’ve watched five, six, 10, 15, maybe in three years’ time when you’ve watched 45 of my videos, maybe that person then is in a position to become a client or something like that.

So the first thing I do, I would recommend, is that if you’re gonna take a long term approach, is promote every piece of content that you produce, whether that’s video, blog posts, podcast episodes.

I’m gonna put that up here. So I promote every video that I record. Now, I’m not putting a huge amount of money behind each one, just a little bit, and really, I’m trying to get it to the people that are already aware of Lead Guru and aware of me and the brand.

But I’m doing two things.

Number one, I’m building that long term relationship.

So as I said, some people may be ready to work with us.

They may inquire and say, “I’d like to use your services,” after watching one video.

But a lot will need a lot more than that.

A lot of people will be like, “Oh, I’ve been watching your videos for the last three months, and we’re now ready to launch a new campaign ’cause we’ve got a new product. Or, “our website is finished,” or something like that, and that’s why they got in touch.

I have those conversations with my prospects all the time.

I have that conversation all the time.

“You know, I’ve been your email list. I’ve been watching your videos on Facebook for six months, a year. Now I really would like to work with you.”

So that’s one of the reasons why I’m constantly getting stuff out there, constantly staying top of mind, and I’m delivering value in these videos.

I try and make them as valuable as possible for you guys to really help you get the results that you want. And I know that over time, that’s gonna build.

I’m gonna build that relationship, and then that’s gonna pay dividends, obviously in the future.

Now, another thing about promoting every video is I’m looking for winners.

Some videos are gonna really resonate with my target market.

They’re gonna really enjoy the content, and that’s gonna work.

Now, that’s really useful, because then that shows me the direction that my videos should take in the future.

The same with perhaps some of our offers and some of the courses we produce and things like that.

That’s the direction that they should take.

But it’s also really helpful in that I can keep promoting those winners to cold audiences and make them aware of my company and my brand.

And over the long run, that makes such a huge difference.

Now, promoting these videos is definitely not profitable in the short run.

I’m gonna put that up there.

So not profitable in short term. Not at all.

So putting money behind these videos or behind pieces of content is not going to be profitable early on, but it’s something that I’d recommend you do because, ’cause as I said, the long term makes a big difference.

Now, when I say long term, I need to define this, because a lot of people think, “Well, I can’t afford to just keep putting money behind things for years and years and it never deliver any results.”

I think the long term now in our super fast paced society where we’ve got things are moving so much faster and new features come out and all that sort of stuff so much faster, the longer term is shrinking.

So I would say that from a Facebook advertising point of view in terms of building your following, developing your brand, anything longer than around six months is the long term.

So I’m gonna put that up there.

So I would say the long term really is anything greater than six months. That’s it. We’re not talking forever.

As I said, I have a lot of people I speak to that say, “Oh, I’ve been watching your videos for three months.”

I’m sure you would be happy to produce blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, whatever your favourite medium is for the next three months if you knew it was going to deliver clients and customers.

And I put a little bit of money behind that to just stay on top of mind and constantly and get that in front of people and provide value to your target market.

I’m sure you’d be willing to do that.

So I’d really encourage you to take this longer term approach.

So if you would like to improve your Facebook advertising performance, we’ve actually created something that you might be interested in.

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I would really appreciate that, and I will talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

5 Part Facebook Ad Template