Facebook Lookalike Audiences

If you’ve ever wanted to take your absolute best clients and clone them, then you’re going to love Facebook’s lookalike audiences.

With Facebook’s lookalike audiences you’re able to take an existing group of people, which could be your email list, a list of existing customers, or the people who have liked your Facebook page.

And use that to create an audience of people that are most similar to that existing group.

So I could for example, take our list of existing clients and upload that to Facebook. Then I could create a 1% lookalike audience in the UK.

And that 1% lookalike audience would contain the 1% of Facebook users in the UK that are most similar to our existing clients.

I hope that makes sense because I know this is a bit complicated.

But if you can create lookalike audiences you’ll be able to advertise to these people going forward.

And because Facebook has so much data about it’s users, these lookalike audiences are very accurate.

As an agency we run dozens of Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients. And our best results often come from lookalike audiences.

So I’d really recommend you give them a go, I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised with the results.

5 Part Facebook Ad Template

We’ve recently created a “5 Part Facebook Ad Template” which you can download right now for free: https://heathmedia.co.uk/facebook-ad-template-lp/

In this template we’ve included some of the best performing ads we’ve created in multiple industries.

You can “copy and paste” these proven ads right now to profitably generate leads and sales from Facebook.

facebook lookalike audiences


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