Facebook Group Insiders

Build a Facebook Group that completely revolutionizes your business.

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Want to Build a Facebook Group?

If you’ve made it here, you’ve probably already decided to build a Facebook Group of your own…

And I have to say…

That’s a great decision!

Facebook Groups are unbelievably powerful marketing tools…

And I really mean that.

I started my Facebook Group three years ago.

Since then, it has grown to over 145,000 members.


My business generates more than 7 figures in sales from it.

Isn’t that crazy?!

Facebook Groups Are Way Under-Appreciated

When I started my Facebook Group, I did not think it could be that profitable.

Facebook Groups are seriously under-appreciated in the digital marketing world.

As a result… a TON of business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs are missing out.

But not you though…

You’ve decided to build an insanely valuable marketing asset (your Facebook Group)…

And I’m committed to making that happen.

That’s why I’ve spent the last few months creating this Facebook Group Insiders course.

What's included in Facebook Group Insiders?

In short… Everything you need to massively grow your Group, generate and maintain very high engagement levels and convert your Group members into a flood of customers and clients.

Over the past three years I’ve tested a boat load of stuff and learnt even more about successfully building a Facebook Group.

This course contains 21 videos that walk you step-by-step through the whole process. including…

Facebook Group Insiders

I show you how to get a TON of new Group members quickly and easily, including:

TWO easy to implement but highly effective paid acquisition strategies

THREE organic ways to consistently get new members that anyone can implement… and you don’t have to spend a penny!

How to grab the low hanging fruit when it comes to getting new members

How to incentivize massive action among your target market

I go through exactly how to set up your Facebook Group for success, including:


Header image

About section

Group rules

Page linking

Settings (there are a monstrous number of options, but I show you the best possible set up)

I detail how you can convert your Group members into high value customers, including:

HOW and WHEN to offer your products and services for the best possible results

All SIX Facebook Group monetization opportunities

The actions you should be taking in your Group on a regular basis (this changes substantially as your Group grows)

Maintaining the integrity, quality and usefulness of your Group with an easy to implement moderation guide

Let’s Get Started

I can’t wait to hear your Facebook Group success story… Because of that, I’ve priced this course much lower than makes sense…

Right now, you can get lifetime access to my entire Facebook Group Insiders course for a one-time payment of just $197.

I’ll almost certainly put the price up soon…

So if you want to build a Facebook Group that completely revolutionizes your business…

(And perhaps changes your life forever… it has mine)

Then click the add to cart button below right now.

satisfaction guarantee

Didn't Work For You?

If you invest in this Facebook Group Insiders course and don’t like it, simply let me know and I’ll refund you within 14 days of purchase. Historically, my refund rate has been less than half a percent... I don't disappoint ????.

Facebook Group Insiders

Build a Facebook Group that completely revolutionizes your business.

Secure Checkout
Satisfaction Guarantee
Privacy Protected