Facebook Ads Don’t Work?


– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru, and this video’s gonna be a little bit different to my usual ones.

I want to address the people who say Facebook ads or Facebook advertising doesn’t work.

And this is something that I hear, I’m sure someone has said that to you in the past.

And to me, it’s kind of interesting because I built my entire business from Facebook advertising, but we’re running many, many campaigns for our clients that are very profitable, very successful.

So it’s obviously not a true statement, but I want to address why people say it, and why I think that they come to that conclusion and why that’s incorrect.

What a lot of people do is they will hear, read a blog post, or hear on a podcast, something like that, that they should be advertising their business on Facebook, that Facebook is a fantastic advertising platform, which it is.

So what they’ll do is they’ll have a quick look at Facebook documentation, work out how to set up a campaign, and they’ll very quickly set up a campaign that basically says come and buy these products, or come use my services, and then they’ll boost that post for, let’s say 50 pounds, maybe 20 pounds.

It won’t deliver any results, and they will then come to the conclusion that Facebook advertising doesn’t work.

But that’s crazy.

Facebook advertising, advertising on Facebook, just like any marketing, any advertising, is a skill.

So I’m gonna put that up there, because I think that’s important. Facebook ads… or Facebook advertising… excuse my bad English… Facebook ads are a skill.

Facebook advertising is a skill, it is a skill, just like any form of advertising.

Think back to TV ads, I’m sure there are some TV commercials that were fantastic and made you want to buy the product or service, and ones that didn’t at all.

Now how good that ad is, and how good the campaign is really determines the success of it or not.

I often equate this to, let’s say playing tennis.

You would never play one tennis match with a friend, you’ve never played tennis in your life, play one tennis match with a friend, and you think you now understand tennis, you enter the local tournament, you don’t win, you lose every game, and you say, “You know what, tennis doesn’t work.”

That’s crazy, you intuitively understand that you’re going to need to have lessons, and find an instructor, and practise, and become better, and develop that skill, but for some reason with aspects of digital marketing and Facebook advertising, people don’t do that, they just give it that one go, oh it didn’t work for me, therefore it doesn’t work.

This is something that does take time, and that’s something not a lot of people want to hear, they just want to be able to put up an ad and it works straight away.

It does take time, so I’m going to put that up here.

To get good at this skill… it takes time, okay?

Not a huge amount of time, and you can massively shorten the time it takes by watching videos like these, by learning from people that have been there and done that and established best practises, and modelling from their campaigns, that really saves an enormous amount of time.

But it still takes some time to get good at this.

But one thing I do want to emphasise is you can do it.

Don’t think that it’s a case of really elite digital marketers who can make Facebook advertising work for them, that’s not true at all.

You absolutely can do it and it can work for you.

But just don’t become discouraged if the first ad that you put out there doesn’t work very well.

That’s perfectly natural.

That’s exactly what I would understand.

We’re a digital marketing agency, we run Facebook campaigns all the time.

Often when we work with a client, the first iteration of the campaign won’t work very well.

But that’s fine, we know that that’s going to happen, so we’re ready, and when that does happen, we make some adjustments, and we keep making adjustments until we get there, until we create a profitable Facebook advertising campaign.

And I will say that not only can you do it, but persevere with this, because the rewards really, really are worth it, I promise you the rewards are worth it.

So I’m gonna pop that up there. The rewards… are worth it.

If you’re creating campaigns, and they’re not quite working out well yet, keep going, stick with it.

Because just think of how many of your potential target market, how people within your potential target market are on Facebook.

It’s going to be probably 90 percent, depending on what your business may be even 100 percent.

People are on Facebook, they spend hours on there everyday, so that is absolutely a place where your target market are hanging out.

Once you can take a bit of time, develop the skill, learn from people like myself, and develop a profitable Facebook advertising sales funnel, the rewards are so great, because you can then scale that, and generate many, many more customers, many, many more sales than you thought possible once you got it working.

Okay, so just before you go, I want to quickly mention something that will really help you speed up this process, and get you much quicker to the point where you can be enjoying these rewards, and that’s something we’ve recently created called our 5-Part Facebook Ad Template.

Now this is something you can download for free, right now.

All you have to do is click on this link, and you will be able to download it there.

This template contains some of the best performing ads we’ve ever created so you can obviously copy from them, you can model from them, that will help speed up this process, and help develop your skills as a Facebook advertiser.

So you can do that, go ahead and download that right now, and if you enjoy this video, please like, comment, and share.

I would really, really appreciate the share. And I will talk to you soon. Bye bye.

5 Part Facebook Ad Template

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