The Best Facebook Ad Type for Ecommerce Businesses

The Best Facebook Ad Type For E-commerce Businesse

If you want to know the best Facebook ad type for ecommerce businesses then this post was created with you in mind.

The best type of Facebook ad for ecommerce businesses, from the testing that I’ve done, is a carousel ad.

A carousel ad is an ad format whereby you can display multiple product images, so you can advertise multiple products at once.

In a carousel ad each image has got its own call to action, its own headline, and when users see this ad on Facebook, they can scroll through through the images.

Carousel Ads

For e-commerce businesses in particular, carousel ads have many advantages:

Advertise Multiple Products

You can advertise multiple products at once which is really useful because different people within your target market are going to be interested in different products.

If you just advertise one product, anyone who’s not interested in that one product is obviously not going to click on your ad and not going to come through to your store and make a purchase.

Link Directly

With carousel ads you can also make sure that each product image links to that specific page on your website.

Customers can go there directly and make a purchase. Instead of being sent to the home page on your website and having to navigate to find what they are looking for.

Take Up More Space

The images in carousel ads are square which means they take up more vertical space in people’s Facebook newsfeeds. And of course the more space they take up, the more likely the ads are to be noticed.

Interactivity Leads To Engagement

Carousel ads are also interactive which makes them a lot more interesting.

Users can scroll between the different products and that added engagement is going to help hold their attention.

Intelligent Display

Facebook is very intelligent about how it displays carousel ads. Once your ad has been running for a while, Facebook will work out which product image is working best within your carousel and they will automatically put that one at the beginning.

Prevent Ad Fatigue

Using multiple images to advertise a number of different products really helps with ad fatigue.

If you were just advertising one product to the same audience over and over again, they would quickly become bored and fatigued with that ad.

Whereas with a carousel ad that advertises four or five different products, you can run the same ad to the same audience for much longer.

Most ecommerce businesses advertising on Facebook still aren’t using carousel ads and they’re really missing out.

From a lot of the testing we’ve done (and we’ve got a lot of clients that have e-commerce businesses.) We have found that carousel ads nearly always outperform single-image ads.

So if do have an ecommerce business, I’d strongly recommend you try them out.

And if you are looking for help with your Facebook advertising campaigns, we can almost certainly help you with that.

Facebook Advertising Services

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