Facebook Ad Mistake #2: Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective


– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath here from Lead Guru and this is the second video in a series of five I’m doing all about the most common Facebook advertising mistakes, that I see people make.

So, number two is using the wrong campaign objectives, so put that up there, so wrong campaign objective.

So most people that advertise on Facebook, all they do is they just boost posts, that’s the easiest way to advertise on Facebook, they see it pop up on their business page, you know, Facebook says, “Do you want to boost this post?” and you go ahead and boost that post, but that’s a very small part of the whole Facebook advertising platform, the whole Facebook advertising functionality.

If you set up your campaigns in Ads Manager or Power Editor, or something like that, then you’ll see that when you create a new campaign, there’s actually a whole bunch of different campaign objectives to choose from, I think there’s around 15 right now, Facebook change it all the time, it was up to about 19 a couple of months ago and they brought it back down, etc., etc.,

But the important thing is that you create your campaigns in those platforms, in either Ads Manager or Power Editor, not just boosting from your page, you take a look at the campaign objectives and you select the one that is most appropriate for that campaign, so you know, a boost post, its job is literally just to get as much engagement as possible.

But maybe you don’t want as much engagement as possible, maybe you want conversions, you know, if you’re running a campaign, where you’re trying to generate leads or generate sales, which most people are, then you want to select the campaign objective, a conversions objective with your campaign, because what that means is Facebook will then optimise for that specific objective.

So if I go ahead and select a conversions objective, and say to Facebook, “I want as many leads as possible with this campaign,” they will optimise your campaign and put your ad in front of people, that are likely to you know, take that desired action, that are likely to become a lead, Facebook can actually work that out with their algorithm.

So by selecting the right campaign objective, you can take advantage of that functionality by Facebook, so I’m gonna put that up here, so the reason why this is such an issue is that FB, you know, Facebook optimises your campaigns.

They have a lot of very smart algorithms and they have a huge amount of data, sorry if that’s a bit illegible down there, they have a huge amount of data on their users, so they will know, once you’ve had, let’s say, you know, 20 people become a lead from one of your campaigns, they’ll start to put, put the pieces together and go, “Oh, OK, well, we can see “within their targeting option, this sort of person is really likely to become a lead,”

So this audience is half a million people, but we’re gonna put this ad, you know Facebook are doing this all behind the scenes with their Algorithm, we’re gonna put this ad in front of the 10 or 15,000, that are really likely to take this desired action.

So, next time you’re creating a Facebook campaign, don’t just boost the post, go into Ads Manager or go into Power Editor, you can create campaigns in each.

And when you create your campaign, you’ll have a list and just select the option that best describes what you’re looking to achieve.

Looking to generate leads and sales, go with conversion campaigns, if you’re looking, if you’ve got a video and you want to generate as many video views as possible, then use the video views campaign objectives.

There’s a whole bunch, you know, you can do one for app installs if you’ve got an app, brand awareness, traffic, if it’s a blog post, you want as much people to click on it and go through to your website as possible, then select the traffic option, but just make sure you go ahead and do that.

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