Heath Media Case Studies.

Syfer Packs

Syfer Packs provide the #1 tool for beat producers. They allow their customers to create hit-worthy drum patterns easily with innovative drum roll building blocks including the ultimate producer cheat code for faster and better work.

Results & Stats

Before we started working with Syfer Packs, they had only run Reach campaigns on Meta before. As you might expect with that campaign objective, they had limited success and had not been able to generate a profitable ROAS. We created and implemented a sales campaign structure and by doing so generated £138,000+ in sales in just a couple of months.

sales generated
average cost per purchase

What We Do

Syfer Packs started working with us to significantly improve their ROAS and take the workload of campaign creation off their hands.

With their unique offering we were confident of strong results provided we could reach the right people and use messaging that resonates with their niche audience. By taking a different approach to Meta advertising we were able to do just that and even exceeded their ROAS objective by 13.5%.

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