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Nex Level Fitness

Nex Level Fitness operate state of the art gym facilities complete with a cutting-edge recovery centre in North West Sydney. Founded by two brothers, Nex Level Fitness has grown incredibly fast having opened their first facility as recently as late 2016. Their world-renowned strength and conditioning classes, world class equipment, design, atmosphere and community truly makes them special.

Results & Stats

Once their facilities opened up again we were able to achieve significant brand awareness within the area and drive effective and attributable results. Combining our campaigns and their world class facilities allowed us to generate new customers for a tiny fraction of their worth. A win-win all around.

for each trial membership sign-up
reduction in cost per purchase

What We Do

We started working with Nex Level Fitness in early 2020 and got off to a flying start.

Little did we know that the facilities would be forced to close temporarily with local lockdowns and we would have to pause advertising altogether for a couple of months.

However, as soon as they were back open for business, we were given the task of generating as many new members as possible, as fast as possible. Understandably, they were keen to make up for lost time.

With a fantastic introductory offer and world class ad creative, we were able to generate a large volume of leads quickly. One of the challenges we had to overcome with this project was ad fatigue. Advertising locally inevitably reduces your audience size and that means frequently changing up offers, ad creative, copy, etc. becomes that much more important.

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