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Momento Hospitality

Momento Hospitality operate a number of hospitality venues including bars, restaurants and hotels in and around Sydney, Australia. They believe that hospitality should be fun and are committed to delivering a level of service that leaves a lasting positive impression on their customers. As a result, they have developed a very loyal customer base that comes back again and again.

Results & Stats

Unlike a lot of businesses we run Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns for, it is not very straightforward to track the exact results we generate for Momento Hospitality. However, a significant increase in venue footfall lining up with the dates our campaigns have been live, is a great indicator of success. One of the other key metrics we look at is engagement with the ads. This is particularly important for local businesses that want to develop brand awareness and we clearly saw a large improvement in this area.

localised impressions
active engagements

What We Do

We were engaged to help promote Momento Hospitality’s venues and drive large volumes of customers.

Specifically, we were tasked with promoting their various offers and events and helping to build brand awareness in their local community.

One of the challenges we faced, which is particularly common with businesses that advertise locally, is keeping offers fresh and exciting. When your target audience is fixed, it is easy for ads to become stale and for ad fatigue to set in. Therefore, we decided to focus on dynamic creative in Momento Hospitality’s campaigns.

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