We Helped Milky Mama Turn Just Under $284k Into $1,213,893 Within 90 Days

Milky Mama, a brand focused on postpartum and baby products, faced significant challenges in maintaining profitability after the iOS update in 2021. Despite spending around £100K per month previously, they struggled to generate results and experienced setbacks with multiple agencies.

Results & Stats

Before the iOS update in 2021, the client was doing exceptionally well, spending around £100K per month and generating great results. However, since the update, her performance took a massive hit, and she ran unprofitably for years. During this challenging period, she was burned by seven different agencies.

Since joining us at the end of December, we’ve helped Milky Mama achieve $1,213,893 in revenue within 90 days


Before joining our agency, Milky Mama was burned by seven different agencies and ran unprofitably for years post-iOS update. Their ad spend remained high, but returns were lacking, leaving the client in a tough spot.

Strategies Implemented

  • Comprehensive Account Overhaul: Conducted a thorough audit to identify weaknesses and opportunities.
  • Targeted Campaigns: Refined targeting to reach the right audience effectively.
    Creative Refresh: Developed compelling ad creatives tailored to the needs of new mothers and their babies.
  • Strategic Budget Management: Optimized budget allocation to maximize returns while scaling ad spend.


Within just 7 days in April 2024, Milky Mama turned a $20K ad spend into $106K in revenue. Since joining us at the end of December, their results have significantly improved, allowing them to spend above their goal of $100K per month while generating great returns.

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