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Learn Reading

Learn Reading is a research based, multisensory, comprehensive reading academy for struggling, dyslexic, adult, or emerging readers. They offer a range of courses that cover all aspects of reading instruction and help people become confident readers with extensive vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Results & Stats

Having implemented a number of different Facebook advertising sales approaches in this client’s ad account, we’ve learnt a lot about the nuances of this market. That testing has allowed us to implement a system that can be relied upon to consistently generate purchases.

Purchases Generated
+2.74 million
ad impressions

What We Do

Learn Reading’s courses are often designed for specific people and are required during specific times in people’s lives.

That naturally brings targeting challenges and we found that our go-to structure for such businesses, where we target audiences primarily based around existing digital assets, delivered the best results.

Given the range of courses that Learn Reading offers, advertising the right mix of product offerings and allocating budget accordingly has been a major focus for us in this ad account. We’ve found that the optimum balance changes with the calendar and have created nimble campaigns that can adapt quickly and thrive under such circumstances.

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