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100S Jewelry

100S Jewelry provides affordable Tungsten Wedding Rings and jewellery without compromising quality. Their rings are carefully sourced and manufactured in house which enables them to produce rings that are of the highest quality in terms of shine, durability, and style. On top of fantastic products, they offer world class customer service and are fanatical about providing the best possible customer experience.

Results & Stats

A significant uptick in 100S Jewelry’s results came from our proposed upsell process. Increasing average order value (AOV) is often a major win for ecommerce clients and it certainly has been here. Our attention to detail with 100S Jewelry’s campaigns has allowed us to progressively scale their campaigns whilst maintaining a strong ROAS. This is an ongoing process, and we know the impressive results displayed below are a sign of greater things to come.

Purchases Generated
reduction in cost per purchase

What We Do

We were initially set a challenging return on ad spend (ROAS) target given the relatively low price point of 100S Jewelry’s products.

To meet this objective, we knew that all the elements of our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns needed to be highly optimised.

We started with targeting and, through many layers of testing, zeroed in on a cold and warm audience combination that has consistently delivered for months. A similar process allowed us to develop high-performing and reliable ad creative options, which has been another key component to achieving lasting success.

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