3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Should Be Using

3 Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives You Should Be Using

In this post I’m going to talk about three Facebook ad campaign objectives that you should probably be using if you’re advertising on Facebook.

When you create a Facebook ad campaign, the campaign objective that you choose is really important because Facebook will optimise your campaign for that objective.

So if you tell Facebook that you want conversions or you want brand awareness or you want video views, then Facebook will optimise your campaign and put in front of people that are most likely to take your desired action.

Of course, most people that advertise on Facebook simply boost posts, and that’s great for generating engagement. That’s great for generating comments, likes, and shares.

But if you’re not looking for those things, if you’re looking for something else, which a lot of advertisers are.

Then that’s not the campaign objective that you should be using.

Conversions Campaign Objective

The most obvious campaign objective that people don’t use that they should be using is conversions.

If you’re looking to generate leads or sales via your website, then you should have a conversions campaign in your Facebook advertising sales funnel.

In order to use that properly, you will need to have the Facebook pixel installed properly on your website with the conversion code.

But once you do have that set up, Facebook will then be able to optimise for people that do turn into leads that do turn into sales.

And this can have a massive impact on your Facebook ad campaigns.

I would say that 80%, maybe even 90% of all the campaigns that we run for our clients are conversion campaigns.

So conversions is a campaign objective that nearly everyone should be using. Because almost everyone advertising on Facebook is looking to generate leads or sales at some point.

Brand Awareness Campaign Objective

But if your primary objective with a Facebook ad campaign is to grow your brand, then you should use the brand awareness objective.

It sounds very straightforward, and it is, but it can make a big difference to your campaigns.

If you select the brand awareness objective, then Facebook will put your ad in the front of people that are most likely to recall your ad.

And that’s, of course, what brand awareness is. The ability to recall and remember a company and their products and services.

I would always recommend that businesses advertising on Facebook dedicate at least ten percent of their total ad budget to brand awareness campaigns.

Because the effects over the long run can be very beneficial.

Video Views Campaign Objective

And if you’ve been following my videos for a while, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of using video content on Facebook.

I’m a big fan of Facebook video ads.

And if you’ve got a video that you want to get out to as many people as possible. There’s another very simple campaign objective that you should be using…

And that’s video views.

Selecting Facebook ad campaign objectives is not rocket science.

It’s very simple.

You just need to treat it like a menu at a restaurant.

If you want as many video views as possible, you select video views.

Want to grow the awareness of your brand? Select brand awareness.

Want leads and sales? Select conversions.

But most people don’t do that.

So it’s really important that you very quickly take the time to think: “What is it that I actually want from this Facebook campaign?” “What is my objective?”

And then select the one that’s most appropriate for you.

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve on Facebook, those are three campaign objectives that I would strongly recommend you use.

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