How To Get The Most Out Of Your 1st Facebook Campaign

If you’ve never advertised your business on Facebook before, or if you have and it hasn’t produced the results you want, then you should to pay close attention to this video.

In this video I very quickly explain how to set up your 1st Facebook campaign and what it should include.

Keep it simple

It’s really important that you keep it simple to start with. Facebook is adding new functionality to its advertising platform all the time and it’s really easy to get confused with the ads manager and power editor if you’re not familiar with them.

So I would recommend that you start simply by boosting posts from your business’ Facebook page.

Now, a couple of years ago you would never have heard me advocating boosting posts, but we’ve done a full 180 on them, and we’re starting to see fantastic results.

So what sort of posts should you be boosting?

Epic content

The very best free content that you have.

If you have a blog, then use your absolute best blog posts. If you’ve created any training videos or other educational material, then you should use that.

And if you haven’t produced any content for business, then that’s something I would strongly recommend you change.

It’s not that difficult to do, an iPhone is all the equipment you need to record a short video or a couple of short videos that provides great value and educates your target market.

So there’s a couple of reasons why you should start on Facebook by boosting free valuable content.

#1) Getting your content in front of your target market is one of the best ways to build your authority and credibility in your industry. And that’s important because it will allow you to raise your prices or charge higher fees. And it’ll make it much easier to convert prospects into clients and customers later on.

#2) Facebook is a social network. It is online, but you still need to build relationships with people the same way you would offline. When a prospect reads or watches your content, that’s just like an introduction. You’re telling them who you are, what you do and providing them with some interesting and useful information at the same time.

You also don’t want to be too salesy in your content. You can retarget your audiences later on with lead ads and special offers and things like that.

But for your 1st Facebook campaign you should focus on producing and then boosting the most valuable content possible.

And you’ll be surprised how many people will consume your content. And then go and check out your business and work with you or buy your products anyway.

Boost your content

The process of actually boosting posts is really simple. Once you’ve posted a piece of content on your Facebook page you’ll see a little boost post button next to it.

Once you click on that button, you’ll need to do decide which people you want to boost your post to. For more on that check out this blog post: How To Target Your Ideal Prospects On Facebook

And then you need to assign a budget. You should start with just £1-2 per day per post.

Which makes this a very inexpensive way of advertising on Facebook.

You should boost each post for about a week and you’ll quickly see which ones get loads of engagement and perform well and which ones don’t.

For those that perform very well, you should continue to boost and put more money behind them and for those that don’t, stop boosting them.

As a general rule of thumb, you’re looking for a relevance score of 8 or more to determine if a post if performing well.

5 Part Facebook Ad Template

We’ve recently created a 5 Part Facebook Ad Template, that you can download right now for free.

This template includes some of the best performing ads we’ve created for our clients in multiple industries and if you’re looking to promote your business on Facebook you’ll find it very useful.

To download this free ad template click here: https://heathmedia.co.uk/facebook-ad-template-lp/

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